Training with a Roof Guard Rail System

The Advantages of Roof Guard Rail System

Do you have employees working on roof tops?  The biggest concern for most companies is accidental falling off the roof. Each year there are many unfortunate instances which include falling over from the roof. It is therefore necessary that one should always install roof guard rails systems.

Not only does it help keep  your workers and employees protected but even allows you to rest assured that no harm can be fall them, even when you are not there to do the supervision.  Avoid any disaster by simply asking workmen to install roof guards around the roof.

fall arrest systems

 Things to keep in mind when installing a roof guard rail system

  • Make sure that the railing which you install is durable. The sturdier it is the better protected are you and your loved ones.
  • Most guard rail systems are non-penetrating. This means you don’t have to worry about drilling holes in your roof. Just set up the guard rail system and be assured of your complete safety
  • Guard rails come equipped with special pads which allow double protection. These pads help keep the rails firmly in place and make it sturdier.
  • Make sure that the guardrail systems are modulated. The better modulated those are the easier it would be to install them.
  • If the guard rails are modulated it’s easier to install and it becomes easy to navigate around obstacles like pipes, vents and ducts.
  • The roof top guard rails can be pretty multi-purpose. These can be used as demarcations for walk ways, protection for open shaft elevators and a complete fall protection system
  • The railing system should be sustainable. It mean that it should be able to weather all the elements. The higher quality rails might cost you a bit extra but these would last a longer time and are not susceptible to corrosion.
  • Make sure that the roof protection railing which you install are in keeping with the features of your roof. Whether the roof is straight, has a slope or is completely flat. The rails can be customized according to the roof specifications.
  • There is also an option of installing in-fills in the railing. This helps provide a double protection and can act as a necessary barrier.

Most people are of the opinion that safety nets and other fall arrest devices might work just as well, so why should they invest in a roof guardrail system. The answer is simple. The safety of your employees should be you top priority and guard rail systems provide that security. There is no harm in spending a little extra when I comes to the protection of those who work for you. Plus the added benefits of reduced work time allows you to save up I the long run as well.

Plus these guard rails can be installed easily and there is less likely chance of the guard rails falling over because these can be placed firmly in place. For more information on roof guardrail systems, make sure you contact a registered business.

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